What I Hope to Accomplish as Your Senator

Gary Daniels – After serving 18 years in the House, I had the honor of representing District 11 in the State Senate from 2014-2018.

While major accomplishments were achieved toward our goals over that time, many challenges remain to be addressed in the next term. As in the past, I will continue to seek creative, responsible, and common-sense solutions to the challenges remaining before us – especially solutions that will preserve the New Hampshire Advantage.

I will also continue to seek the responsibility, transparency, and accountability that you expect from state government so that you can determine if your state government is working for you.

Working together as a team, we have made, and will continue to make, a difference. I therefore respectfully ask you to cast your vote to re-elect Gary Daniels for State Senate.


Protect the New Hampshire Advantage
Lower taxes
Encourage growth
Deregulate business

Preserve and protect our Second Amendment rights

Implement school choice
Preserve local control
Keep the courts out of education funding issues
Full federal funding of special education
Education to career strategy

Encourage free-market solutions for clean energy
Protect our natural resources and private property rights
Promote source reduction and waste-to-energy initiatives

Promote respect for life, property, self, and others

Health Care
Increase access to, and affordability of, high quality private care
Bring incentives to the medical marketplace

State Government
Increase transparency
Increase accountability
Live within our means
Responsible and balanced budget

States’ Rights
Oppose unfunded federal mandates
Preserve New Hampshire’s sovereign rights

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Bill King – Bill King has been active in our community since 1994 either in leading and administrating MCAA sports programs, working as a Rotarian to raise money for our community needs, working to help unite local churches seeking the welfare of our community and working with local businesses to connect and reach their potential. Bill feels his next step is to build on the efforts of his last 26 years by representing Milford in Concord.

Bill believes “We the people” means we all need to work together to assist our children as they grow into responsible adults, to support our local businesses to create a strong infrastructure for our community, to support our local churches providing the moral fabric we need to build strong character and to support organizations such as SHARE and CAST to provide assistance to Milford families in need. While residing in Milford, Bill has personally witnessed our community come together with compassionate hearts during difficult times. We are blessed to live in such a community.

Bill supports:

Freedom of choice in our schools – Bill believes our schools need balance and teaching one side while keeping another silent is a method of indoctrination. We need to bring balance back into our school systems by letting the citizens have more say in our children’s education.

Our right to bear arms – The 2nd Amendment is an important amendment for law abiding citizens to hunt and protect themselves.

Keeping our taxes low – Bill believes in responsible spending to keep our taxes low. Bill does not support an income tax to generate additional funding for programs we may not need. Let us consider the waste before we create new taxes or increase the current taxes.

Local businesses – higher business taxes and higher minimum wages will deter business growth. Bill will oppose increasing business taxes or implementing a higher minimum wage.

Recovery centers to help those with substance use disorders – There are many ways we can assist our citizens struggling with substance abuse. Our Milford community is fortunate to have Addiction Recovery Coalition of NH (ARCNH). Substance misuse is responsible for lack of productivity in business, create a heavy burden to our medical system and destroy our families. We need effective programs to help educate and rehabilitate those suffering with this disorder.

Please feel free to contact me:
344 Elm Street Unit 5
Milford, NH 03055



Keith Ammon –

I am Keith Ammon, previous two-term Republican State Representative for Hillsborough District 40. I hope to have the opportunity to serve the people of Hollis, Milford, Mont Vernon, and New Boston once again.

I am a software developer by trade, a small business owner, and a consultant specializing in pharmaceutical sales analytics. I enjoy playing guitar and flying single-engine airplanes.

My wife Susan and I moved to New Hampshire in 2009 from the outskirts of Philadelphia. We fell in love with the natural beauty, safety, opportunity, and traditions that have existed here for many generations. Susan was born in Hong Kong, an area of recent political turmoil, and is a naturalized US citizen. Both she and I understand the importance of preserving the qualities that make New Hampshire one of the freest and safest states in which to live.

In the past, I have served on the New Boston School Board, which allowed me to gain insights into the many challenges faced by parents and administrators in running a school district and SAU. I advocate for school choice, which will enable parents to choose the best educational paths for their child’s unique curiosities, learning style, and goals.

As a State Representative, I served on the House Municipal and County Government Committee, which allowed me to better understand the many challenges involved in running the county, town, and city governments. I also served on the House Science, Energy, and Technology Committee and have learned much about the issues facing our environment and those contributing to the high cost of energy undermining job creation and full employment.

In the next legislative term, we will have to meet many challenges related to reopening our state after the COVID-19 shutdown, especially assisting businesses and families in recovery. As we consider solutions, I stand with Governor Sununu against the income tax that Democrats have tried to slip through this past legislative session. I pledge to oppose all efforts to impose a sales, income, or other broad-based tax. I will advocate for local municipalities to reduce their property tax burdens by reducing spending and not by “upshifting” expenses to the state level, growing state bureaucracy, which will end up costing all taxpayers more in the end.

Furthermore, I believe in preserving the “New Hampshire Advantage” and the “Live Free or Die” spirit of our state. I am a defender of our Second Amendment and of “due process,” a foundation of our judicial system. I care about preserving liberty, preventing government overreach, and that equal justice prevails for all.

My website is if you would like to help support my campaign with a small donation. Feel free to reach out to me directly at any time. I respectfully ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 3rd.

Dave Wheeler – Dave Wheeler lives in Milford and is running for his sixth term for Executive Council. He previously served from 2001-2005, 2011-2013, and 2015-2019; served as a District 11 State Senator 1992-98; and served as Milford State Representative 1988-92.

Dave and his wife Joy have four children and two foster children. He is the owner of Maranatha Carpet and Miracle Acres Farm where he grows Christmas Trees and produces Maple Syrup.

Serving New Hampshire:

• Americans for Prosperity NH’s Tom Thompson Conservative of the Year 2018
• Named 1998 Outstanding Senator by NH Republican Women’s Forum.
• Named 1996 and 1997 Granite State Taxpayer’s #1 Friend of the Taxpayer.
• Delegate to Republican National Convention, 1996.
• Past Secretary Treasurer and Assistant Commander, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, John Spaulding Camp #38.
• Life Member, Purgatory Falls Fish & Game Club, Mont Vernon.
• GONH Board of Directors. 1999-2004.
• Board of Governors, Christian Home Educators of NH.
• Milford Traffic Safety Committee 2005-Present

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Vanessa Sheehan – I am Vanessa Sheehan and I am running for State Representative for Milford because I have a deep concern with the direction our Nation and State are headed. I fear losing our liberties and Constitutional rights.

I am a lifelong Milford resident with deep family roots in town. My husband John and I have been married for over 20 years and we have one son. I have worked in finance for 24 years.

• As your State Rep, I will work hard to restore and protect the NH Advantage and never support a state sales tax or income tax.
• As a fiscal conservative, I will strive to keep taxes low and maintain a responsible balanced budget.
• I will seek to deregulate and aid small business.
• I will always protect our Second Amendment rights and safeguard the rights of all people to life, property, freedom, and equal justice under the Constitution.

I respectfully ask for your vote on November 3.

Vanessa Sheehan
70 Amherst St.
Milford, NH 03055



Steve “Tango” Tourangeau – My name is Steve “Tango” Tourangeau and I am running for Milford State Rep.

I give my name as Tango for two reasons. First, it’s easier to remember than “Tor-AN-Jo,” which is how my last name is pronounced. Second, I was dubbed “Tango” nearly 35 years ago when I was serving as a navigator in the US Air Force, and I have gone by that name ever since.

I value three things: Integrity, Honesty, and Service. I have served my whole life – since I was eight years old growing up in Plymouth, NH. I plan to leverage these values while listening to our townsfolk, carrying their messages to Concord to help shape compelling legislation that keeps New Hampshire great.

I believe there are three qualities of a good House State Rep:
• Be willing to stand your ground when it’s appropriate – know your values and maintain them.
• Be willing to collaborate (don’t argue or be hostile) – need to know what to use at what time, sometimes coming off your ground and sometimes standing it.
• Be a good listener, clearing the mind to truly take in what is being shared and search out meaning.

It’s now two years from now. I want to look back and see that I have created more opportunities for the Town of Milford – in what capacity those opportunities will be, I don’t yet know. But I look forward to finding out. Furthermore, this is how I will be proud that I served as State Rep. When I look in the rearview mirror, I will be glad I got something moving in the House so that the actual governing and legislative progress is being made (i.e. we are passing laws that work for New Hampshire!).

In summary, I intend to cooperate, collaborate, and work alongside my fellow Reps on both sides of the aisle to get something done. My gift of service and a unique ability to engender trust make me well-suited to fill the role of State Rep, representing Hillsborough County, District 23, the Town of Milford, NH.

Tango Interview:

Mike Thornton – Mike Thornton is a Milford Activist…

• 8 year member of Souhegan CERT (Community Emergency Response Team
• Active in training other CERTs about  ‘Power Out Survival.’
• CERT is activated by a member Town’s Emergency Services Manager.
• CERT works  in tandem with and under, our professional First  Responders.
• Souhegan CERT, protecting: Milford, Lyndeborough, Mont Vernon, & Amherst.
• Boy Scouts of America – Leader
• Big Brothers / Big Sisters volunteer
• 7 Years – Milford’s Zoning Board of Adjustment
• Member – Granite State Taxpayers

My Commitment to you…

• Making your voice Milford’s voice heard across our entire state.
• I’ll play an active role in MILFORD’S future & help neighbors –  Statewide.
• I’ll work to assure a physically safe & illegal drug  free  place 
• Keep Milford a great place to raise our families, run a business, and build a future.

I’ll work to keep Milford taxes low and represent all constituents fully and fairly. I want to hear your needs and concerns for our future.