Below is State Rep Vanessa Sheehan’s letter to the editor submitted to local newspapers recently, highlighting property tax relief.

As your State Representative in Concord it is my job to fight for our town. The State Budget that my Republican colleagues and I passed last June does that by addressing many of the important needs of our state, but most importantly it delivers on lowering property taxes for Granite Staters.

It does that by making a direct reduction to the State Wide Education Property Tax (SWEPT) and allocates roughly $400 million of aid to municipalities for various projects.

In previous years, promises of property tax “relief” usually ended up being a hollow gesture. Republicans had enough with this window dressing and took action. We passed legislation reducing the State Wide Education Property Tax by $100 million and in the process gave a direct cut to your tax bills. This will not result in the loss of a single dollar of state education aid going to our town.

Additionally, the State Budget sends a significant amount of aid back to cities and towns helping mitigate the costs of local governance that drive up property taxes. Funds targeting our public infrastructure, education costs, and an increase in tax revenue sharing will help Milford make important investments in our community without putting the burden on our citizens.

I am proud to say that we delivered on this promise and I look forward to continuing to fight for our town in Concord.

Rep. Vanessa Sheehan
Hillsborough 23 (Milford)